I just wanted to tell everyone that anything I recommend or tell you about is 100% honest I wouldn’t recommend a product/brand if I haven’t used it before. I don’t get paid to voice my opinion I just give it. Also thank you I want to thank you all for so much positive feedback because in the beginning I was scared I would just be talking to myself on this blog and I was going to delete but you all have changed my mind and I just want to give a big thanks to everyone. 

The Realities of High School 

Let’s face it most of us more than others like to admit thought high school would be like the movies and tv shows that we love so dearly but in reality it’s way more complicated and just all out crazy. Believe me I’m a junior in high school and it’s really just sinking in but the only thing the movies and tv shows really teach you as end of the day at the end of high school really always remember to be yourself never forget where you came from. Now don’t get me wrong there will always be that high school heart throb that every and anybody wants to be friends with or even sometimes more than friends if you know what I mean. There will always be cliques you’ll probably be apart of or part from. There are definitely mean girls a lot of them actually some of them surprisingly even turn out to be your own friends. Scary right I know it’s just apart of the realities of high school. So let’s break this all down in to advice. 

  1. Stay true  to yourself, your morals, your values, and everything else you own mentally, physically, and spiritually. Why you might be asking because there will be people you come across who’ll want to take these things from you and label you as something else but as long as you never put the label on and give it power over you. You’ll stay true to yourself. Don’t let others pressure you into things that you feel and know are wrong. Because at the end of high school you want to be able to say at least I stayed true to myself.   
  2. Cliques, hey live wild be apart of one you’ll never know what you’ll learn from them.They might become your best friends. There not much to give advice for here.  Just don’t be apart of that clique if you get my hint and just find your crowd of you can take the solo ride.  
  3. Teacher, stay of their bad side even if you have to become their best friend but one thing the movies didn’t lie to you about is that there is always at least one hot teacher and one teacher that’s out to ruin high school for you. 
  4. High school heartthrob, come on girls/guys is he really worth it I doubt I mean like it’s always ok to try not saying he’s out of your league but he/she is probably going to bring some unwanted attention to your relationship but you can take up the challenge. 
  5. Friends, lets be totally and completely real and honest in reality half of the people your friends with in high school will not be your friend after you leave. Some of the people you came into high school with might not even be your friends anymore by the middle of freshman year or sophomore year. Then there are the fake ones that never were really truly there for you they were just there to get information to dish out for the rest of the school. 
  6. Mean girls/guys, ignore them they’re not worth your time of day because karma is a truly a bitch just know that. 

So this is pretty much high school but at the end the day have fun, learn, succeed, and live while your young because you want to be able to look back after high school and say you enjoyed it to the fullest. SO ENJOY HIGH SCHOOL IT ONLY HAPPENS ONCE. 

3 of the Best Drugstore Brands That Are Perfect for Women of Color 

1.  Milani Cosmetics

Whether your black, white, orange, red or purple Milani has your shade in one of their 3 foundation types. This makeup company is very diverse with their makeup color selections which is why so many people including myself love this brand. They have come out with new very pigmented non-drying matte lipstick. They also have a Stay Put Brow product that is a great inexpensive dupe for Anastasia’s Dip Brow Pomade which is $18 not saying it’s a bad product I love it but if you’d ask me I’d rather spend $6.99 on this. You’ll love the diversity of this brand. 


2.  Black Opal

This brand is expensive but high quality I love them. They have full coverage foundation sticks and powders their liquid foundation is not full coverage these prices rang from $10.95-$9.95. I’ve seen YouTube videos where the makeup artist often uses Black Opals Deluxe Finishing Powder as a dupe for Ben Nye’s Banana Powder. Not only does this brand sell amazing top quality makeup but they also sell hair care products how amazing is that.  If you want top quality drugstore makeup this is the brand people. 


3.  Black Radiance

Out of the three brands this is the most inexpensive one. Their liquid foundation is only $5. Shades run from the lightest to darkest. Lipsticks are full coverage with a hint of shine I personally love their lipsticks I buy the nude colors because they’re just amazing the cost is only $2. I also recommend their 2 in 1 concealer stick and under eye highlighter its full coverage and amazing overall. If you don’t want to spend to much money this is the brand. 


Naked Manicure

Keira Lennox

A Pretty Penny, Natural Manicure, Zoya Naked Manicure Perfecting Kit, Naked Manicure, Healthy Nails, DIY Manicure

My summer beauty mantra: do less.

You already know I love a good no-makeup makeup‘ routine, and my latest favorite thing is a clean and natural manicure. When my salon started stocking Zoya’s Naked Manicure kits, I had to get my hands on one (ha, pun).

For the cost of a professional manicure, this perfecting kit has everything you need to get lots of your-nails-but-better DIY manis at home. It treats, corrects, and protects in five minutes, and leaves your nails with a satin buff finish that lasts. Over time and repeated use, the system improves nails’ strength, condition and flexibility; it’s especially great if you’ve damaged your nails with acrylics or gel manicures.

And like all Zoya’s nail products, all the polishes in the kit are toxin-free.

Zoya Naked Manicure Womens Nail Perfecting Kit, DIY Manicure

To keep my hands and cuticles in shape — they take a beating at the flower shop — I…

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Top 5 Stores For Shopping on a Budget

I know some people like I are shopaholics but our bank accounts and wallets are not heavy lifters like us to support our addiction. So I put together a list for my fellow budget shopaholics of my top 5 budget friendly stores I hope you enjoy them as mush as I do. 

1. Forever 21

Not only are they an amazing trendy store but they’re always having sales and affordable prices. They have great quality clothing, shoes, and accessories for women and men of all shapes and sizes. You can find this store almost any and any where. Need I say more about this amazing store.   

 2. H&M

Now I know some of you are saying H&M is a bit pricey but I’ll let you in on a little budget shopper 101. Shop their basics section you can easily get a simple black jersey dress for just simple black jersey dress for just $12.99. Also shopping sales can be very influential on your wallet.  

3. Target

I mean like guys who doesn’t love target it’s so amazing some (like myself) call it Targé forgive if I spell it wrong. Thats how good the store is. They not only sell affordable clothing, accessories, and shoes of good quality for good prices but they sell housing furniture great if your going off to college. They have an out doors section and also produce how amazing. An all in one deal at this store. Some of their stores even have a Starbucks exciting right.   

4. Old Navy

Not only are their commercials hilarious but their sales and prices never disappoint. Free shipping for orders over $50 and if you shop in store with your student ID you get a good discount. I often shop here when doing my back to school shopping. I love love looooove their jeans and their sold at inexpensive prices from $19. Great for the whole family.  

5. Charlotte Russe

May I say this is one of my favorites. The stores prices are very cheap but never trashy. Their sales can range from $2 to $15 their practically giving things away for free. All of their last season clothing are put on these sales racks. Often their in store jewelry is buy 2 $10 and online 25% off. So as you can tell everything is a steal figuratively speaking.  


Fall 2015 

Are you trying to keep up withe trends this season? Well I’m here to help you out. 

  1. The colors this season consist of earthy tones that are just to die for. 
  2. The styles this season is all about your furs whether it be faux or real it’s all about the fur.  

Project Run Way Season 14

What an exciting start to the season. Personally I think I might like Tim Gunn’s bad side and let’s just talk about the slayage of Heidi Klum she is always just so flawless. My favorite contestant this season is Ashley I am rooting for her all the way I just love her style I’m glad she won the first competition. Can’t wait for the next episode.